Marketing for your small business.

We bring the marketing department to you.

You’ve started a business.

You’ve done your homework, made a plan and are an expert in your field. Now what? Can your potential customers find you? If they can, is your message going to capture their attention?

Running a small business is hard. You wear many hats: customer service, accountant, operations manager, sales manager, CEO, marketer, strategist AND you are an expert in your field. But your business can’t afford to bring on the staff needed to continue the growth. Now what? Motto Marketing can help.

Motto Marketing will bring the marketing department to you. We listen. We learn about your business and your goals. We will work with you to customize a business marketing strategy that works best for you. We can execute your plan and show you a return on your investment.


Finding the time or staff to stay ahead of the latest marketing practices can be truly challenging to a small business. Motto Marketing can help.
  • Assess

    Assessing your business personality is the first step in building a successful marketing plan. Listening is the crucial element of this phase. We treat you and your business like an individual; we listen to your biggest challenges, learn about your goals and study your competition.

  • PLAN

    Building a plan with your business strengths at the core is the next step. We align your goals, strengths and message. We build a plan that maximizes your time while using the best tools to meet your needs.


    Motto Marketing works alongside you to implement the elements of your plan.  We teach you best practices and tips and techniques for getting the best use out of your marketing tools.


    Analysis and documentation will provide deeper insight into your business and your customers. Tweaking, measuring, and optimizing what we’ve done against preset benchmarks will show where we’ve had success.

Three questions every small business owner should ask themselves:

Am I using social media effectively?

With so many media outlets available to us and to our customers, are we using the right ones? Are we reaching our potential customers in a way that is natural for them?

It maybe time for a social media check-up. Figuring out what is working for your business and what isn’t may be the first step in streamlining your marketing and making it more effective at the same time.

How do I know my marketing plan is successful?

How am I currently measuring my marketing plan success? Is there a better way?
How do I know what a successful plan looks like?

If you aren’t sure whether your marketing is successful, it may be time to add some benchmarks and take another look at your marketing approach.

Does all of my content build trust?

Does my content reflect my core business? Does it inform my client base? Does it drive leads and sales?

If your content is inconsistent or disjointed it may not be as effective as possible. It may be time to call in a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate.


  • Marketing Strategy

    Business planning, marketing planning and project planning.

  • Strategic Assessments

    Find business opportunities, position your business with your audience, market segmentation and target marketing.

  • Campaigns and Execution

    Full marketing plan execution or project based.

  • Content Creation

    Get help writing unique content for your blog, social media and website.

  • Brand Identity

    Content creation, building a cohesive look and feel for your business.

“Working with Motto Marketing over the last 2 years has been instrumental to the growth of my business. It has been comforting to know that my marketing is in the hands of someone so knowledgeable and professional. With Adriana’s guidance I have been able to ascertain which marketing strategies are most effective in attracting new clients, which allows me to take care of my clients without worrying about my marketing. I continue to rely on Motto Marketing as a sounding board to take my business growth to the next level. Her understanding of me and my business has made for an excellent professional relationship and I would highly recommend her expertise to anyone who wishes to market their business in an effective way.” – Rachel 



Adriana Motto is a trusted professional who has provided sales and marketing services for over 10 years. Throughout her career, she has helped companies ranging from small startups to enterprise Fortune 500 organizations, while enthusiastically tackling the many aspects of marketing, including: social media planning, business development, market research, client relations, brand strategy and project management. Her specialty lies in creating persuasive content that resonates with people and influences perception. She also enjoys the challenge of using the latest technologies to facilitate human to human communications.

The key focus at Motto Marketing involves celebrating what makes your business unique and finding the best way to share that with your customers and prospects. By partnering with business owners, Motto Marketing can provide a fresh perspective on the marketplace, devise a strategy that cuts through the clutter, or provide support for a specific marketing project. We are adept at leveraging time-tested methods and, if necessary, producing novel approaches to achieve solid results. Simply put, we adapt to deliver the means to reach your business goals and bring a strong, clear voice to your communications.

Motto Marketing is located in Ambler, Pennsylvania and serves the Greater Philadelphia area.