Content is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. Even the best placed ad campaign will only convert if your target audience connects with your message. Content is what motivates your market to engage with you, so you need the right message to reach them at just the right time. Building content is a time-consuming process, and there is a lot of temptation to put it on the back burner while stockpiling an arsenal of short ad snippets. But potential clients will quickly move beyond the ads for an in-depth look, and what you offer must hold their attention.

Fear is a common deterrent to content development. Some owners refuse to settle on a consistent message for fear of casting too small a net. Others anticipate the pressure of ongoing content creation, so they never get started. Still others worry that what they produce is low quality, so they prevent potential clients from seeing it. Motto Marketing understands these fears, and we know how to help owners move beyond them. We help you uncover your knowledge about your audience, their needs, and why they should work with you. Together, we’ll explore content options that resonate with your target market.

Your existing content is the foundation for our process. During the initial audit, we will assess your storehouse of content for common themes and existing engagement data across platforms. We’ll explore what brought your current customers to you and what makes them enjoy working with you. With your business goals in mind, we’ll create a content plan that refines your message to attract your ideal market. Motto Marketing will provide support as you implement your content strategy on a manageable timeline across effective platforms. Finally, we’ll analyze the strategy’s success by tracking the quality of incoming leads.

Once we know your content strategy reaches your core audience, Motto Marketing will help you streamline your creation process so that you can build a vault of recurring and repurposed material that continually makes new connections. Are you ready to take control of your content and make it work for you? Contact us today for your consultation.


The Motto Marketing Approach in Action Body Esteem

Background: Body Esteem provides personal training services to cancer survivors and others recovering from life changing illnesses or injuries. This unique service provides physical and emotional support to its audience of people who are on a unique and difficult journey. Body Esteem engaged Motto Marketing to create a content strategy that would set them apart from traditional personal training services.

Assess: Body Esteem did not feel their existing website adequately explained their services to potential clients. Motto Marketing listened to the owner’s stories about existing clients and how she hoped to convey their transformative changes through the website. Simplicity of site maintenance was also a priority for the owner.

Plan: Motto Marketing developed a storytelling plan that would resonate with cancer survivors and those recovering from injuries. Together, Body Esteem and Motto Marketing created personas, or fictional clients, who embodied the qualities of ideal clients. These personas informed the resulting content strategy, which included a core message, past client testimonials, and a page architecture that followed a typical client discovery path.

Implement: Body Esteem delegated the new web copy plan to Motto Marketing. The new messaging strategy, inspired by the personas, focused on concise but powerful content. Body Esteem maintained full editorial control over the content, and Motto Marketing provided necessary revisions. Once the content was finalized, Motto Marketing uploaded the changes to the website.

Analyze: Confident that the website is an accurate reflection of its services, Body Esteem now relies on it as a messaging tool. Not only does the owner direct referrals and warm leads to the website first, but she also draws from the copy for social media and print marketing needs. Content generation and social media planning are efficient tasks, and the results are consistent with the company’s core message.


Motto Marketing was very helpful in identifying my target audience and how to reach them. They were great at helping me organize a marketing plan and updating all of my online content. I highly recommend them.  -Cathy


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