Content is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. Your existing content is the foundation of our process. During the initial audit, we will assess your storehouse of content for common themes and existing engagement data across platforms. We’ll explore what brought your current customers to you and what makes them enjoy working with you. With your business goals in mind, we’ll create a content plan that refines your message to attract your ideal market. Motto Marketing will provide support as you implement your content strategy on a manageable timeline across effective platforms. Finally, we’ll analyze the strategy’s success by tracking the quality of incoming leads.

Once we know your content strategy reaches your core audience, Motto Marketing will help you streamline your creation process so that you can build a vault of recurring and repurposed material that continually makes new connections. Are you ready to take control of your content and make it work for you? Contact us today for your consultation.


The Motto Marketing Approach in Action Good To Go Physical Therapy


Good To Go Physical Therapy is a startup practice focusing on pediatric pelvic floor physical therapy. Good To Go addresses a common issue for which there are very few resources. Parents who are at a loss to help their children suffering from incontinence are searching for help but don’t always know what kind of help they need.



Erica, the owner of Good To Go, knew she needed to establish a digital presence for the newly created practice. She needed a website and was curious about which social media channels would give her the best reach. Motto Marketing began with a discovery meeting to better understand the unique practice of pediatric pelvic floor physical therapy.


Motto Marketing identified the target audience as parents of children aged 5 – 18 and did keyword research to learn what information would be most important to them. We identified which social media outlets these parents use most, and we determined that lack of knowledge was their main obstacle in helping their children.


After drilling down on what parents wanted to know about pelvic floor physical therapy, Motto Marketing wrote content for the Good To Go website. Then, we developed a content strategy for social media that would be educational, but also fun and inclusive. The social media plan is designed to build followers with the understanding that engagement will most likely remain low on this sensitive topic.


Good To Go is off to a great start! The new business is gaining attention and social media followers. Erica plans to continue to build momentum with a balance of practical information and lighthearted potty humor. Through this approach, she is gaining visibility and helping parents become more informed about how to help their children gain confidence and better control with pelvic floor therapy services.

Motto Marketing was very helpful in identifying my target audience and how to reach them. They were great at helping me organize a marketing plan and updating all of my online content. I highly recommend them.  -Cathy


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