Motto Marketing understands the energy it takes to run your business and establish marketing that works. We also know the frustration of learning that your on-going practices don’t work as well as they once did. When we step in, it’s not to reinvent the wheel, but rather to assess the current strategy to see how your core audience engages with it. Motto Marketing’s digital audit process helps us work together to create a plan that targets your audience where they are now. We provide all the support you need as you implement changes to the existing plan and add new features that increase your visibility and impact. We analyze the data with you to make sure the strategy is on the right track, and we’ll help you apply adjustments to maximize what works best.

Motto Marketing’s approach is tailored to your business, your goals, and your strengths. Our entire process is designed to create the marketing strategy that empowers you to reach your audience in the digital marketplace. With detailed documentation, regular communication, and practical coaching, we’ll help you take control of the strategy that gets results for you.

Our goal is that you understand every step in your digital marketing strategy. Once you grasp how your audience interacts with your digital footprint, you’ll have the skills to make effective marketing decisions.

Making changes? Think it’s time for a new audit? Just contact us, and we’ll jump right in to help you make the right updates with the same level of service you’ve come to expect.


The Motto Marketing Approach in Action Crowne Education


Crowne Education is a locally owned tutoring and test prep company with over 10 years in business. Having used various marketing methods over the years, Crowne brought Motto Marketing on board to streamline their digital marketing strategy, increase brand awareness, and generate more leads.



The digital audit revealed that the company’s address had not been updated in every online space they occupied. Inconsistent name and address information prevents Google from attributing each presence to the same company, which greatly reduces search engine optimization. Crowne Education came to understand how search engines deliver information based on search terms. The audit also revealed opportunities to streamline Crowne Education’s messaging and content so that it answered questions potential clients were searching and encouraged them to continue reading.


Using the digital audit results, Motto Marketing helped Crowne Education build a marketing strategy. The plan involved updating company’s information to provide the right details to search engines for making better search connections. They would also create a consistent message that resonated with the target market and tweak the website for a more user-friendly flow. Finally, Motto Marketing and Crowne Education mapped out a strategy to optimize the social media presence and Google Ads campaigns.


To maximize effectiveness of the new strategy, the first step was to update the business listings across the internet. Motto Marketing, a Google My Business Certified firm, taught the owners to manage their Google My Business page so that they could make these updates on their own. Using checklists from the plan, Crowne Education began implementing the strategy on their own. Motto Marketing remained engaged to provide support by building a social media content plan and redesigning the Google Ads to drive more leads.


Throughout the process, Crowne Education learned to monitor the new strategy’s results and track increased engagement. Motto Marketing also continued to follow analytics with an eye for traffic, engagement, and ad spend. Motto Marketing provided Crowne Education with a snapshot analysis of the new strategy and recommended a few tweaks to the campaigns based on the data.

“Motto Marketing made me feel like I can reach my target market and take control of my marketing plan. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Adriana gave my company new life. I would highly recommend her to any small business owner. She understands what you are going through, and she really cares about her clients.” -Leah


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