Six Hacks for Managing Social Media

We all have to make choices about how we spend our time. As business owners, we spend much of our time on the most immediate and pressing problems. Meeting client needs, filling orders, putting out fires, bookkeeping. The daily task list is often longer than the hours in our day. Social media upkeep is easy to push to the bottom of the to do list. If we do that on a regular basis, our marketing suffers and our lead generation efforts suffer. So what it the trick to maintaining a healthy social media presence while keeping a focus on important daily tasks? Take heart. It can be done. The hacks in this infograph will help you save time on your social media while still providing the best possible impact.

Hacking Your Way to Success

To save time, it is important to stay organized using a schedule and provide relevant content with content curation tools. Encourage staff to submit post ideas and pictures. Make it a weekly habit to work out your post material. Use evergreen content; content that is relevant any time of year, mixed with seasonal specials, upcoming events, recently published articles. Find the best posting frequency for you. It may not be important to your audience that you post daily but the quality of your posts will matter.

The most important way you can keep your business engaged with your audience is to remember what is most important to them. What questions do your customers often ask? What answers are you providing through your content? Ask your followers for feedback and comments. When you do get comments, be sure to respond in a timely manner. And don’t forget the “fun factor”. Incorporate memes, quotes and plenty of videos and visuals into your posts.

With some effort and these time saving hacks, your business’ social media can become an integral part of your business success.