How To Amplify Your Brand Using LinkedIn

amplify your brand using LinkedIn with Motto Marketing

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform for professional networking. In recent years, it has gained great popularity among professionals who are looking for valuable engagement, insight, and business opportunities. The best interaction happens between individuals, but business profiles are a great way to increase brand recognition in your network.

Small business owners who maintain an active company profile and interact with it from their individual profiles can extend their reach across the LinkedIn platform.

How to Use a Business Profile on LinkedIn

Business profiles should remain exclusively about the business. Posts should maintain a formal tone and consider company-specific phrasing and graphics. Posts themselves should be focused on company news, information about services, media mentions, and relevant educational content.

Business pages are a great place to post-holiday content, customer testimonials, and templated graphics that showcase company values. These posts can be planned out for the month ahead in one of several scheduling tools. One thing that is unique to business profiles on LinkedIn is that people who work for the company can connect their personal profiles to the page. Therefore, employees have the opportunity to share business posts to grow brand awareness in their own networks. They can even invite individuals to follow the company profile.

Visitors to the business profile should be able to immediately understand what the company does, who it serves, and how to learn more. If the LinkedIn profile encourages visitors to go to the company website, make sure they will see consistent branding from LinkedIn to the homepage.

Company policy should dictate who may interact with comments in business posts. When commenters ask questions, share a critique, or simply add to the conversation, it’s important that the response reflects well on the company. If there is a social media manager in charge of the account and interacting in the comments, there should also be a clear policy for escalating concerning activity through internal channels.

Interacting from Your Personal Profile with Your Business Profile

Since business profiles generally have fewer public followers than personal profiles, it is up to individuals to amplify the company’s posts. Owners, managers, and employees should be encouraged to Repost company news with a few of their own thoughts whenever possible. Sometimes this is as simple as stating one’s pride in the company or congratulating an individual on an accomplishment.

The business profile offers a great opportunity for individuals who struggle to come up with LinkedIn content. Draw from business posts about the company values, vision, mission, industry, and location to get inspiration for personal posts. Remember that when using LinkedIn as a lead generation tool, showing consistency between the brand and the people who are part of that brand increases audience knowledge and trust.

While not every personal LinkedIn post should be sales oriented, they should often be related to business. Personal posts that stray from being strictly business could cover current events, personal family news, humorous content, and personal experiences. Sometimes these posts can still touch on business, and they should always be written in a professionally social tone.

Commit to visiting LinkedIn for about 20 minutes 2-3 times per week. LinkedIn rewards activity like comments and reactions on posts, regular posting, and interacting in the comments section of our own posts. With consistent engagement and thoughtful interaction, most individuals will grow a healthy network, and new business, on LinkedIn within a few months.

A Solid Digital Marketing Strategy Includes Organic Social Activity

Though LinkedIn does have paid ad features and premium memberships that can be very lucrative, the free service has generated a great deal of business for thousands of individuals. As an element of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, LinkedIn can produce remarkable ROI.

If you are considering leveraging your LinkedIn business profile for enhanced lead generation but you’re not quite sure how to get started, contact us for a consultation. Motto Marketing supports business owners in digital content strategies across all social media platforms. We can help you create a plan and the assets that support it to develop active business and personal LinkedIn profiles.