Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a powerful way to meet your customers where they are online and attract them to what you have to offer. With proper management and tracking, search engine marketing is the most effective use of your marketing budget. Using the method of pay per click ads, business owners are able to tailor the content and timing of ads for their target market’s search behaviors.

Motto Marketing is Google Certified on SEM, which means we can help you create campaigns that convert. We will assess what you already know about your target market and what additional research is needed, and we’ll audit your existing or past campaigns to see what has been most effective. Together, we’ll create a plan that incorporates the right search terms using a budget that meets your goals. To implement the plan, Motto Marketing will guide you through the process of building your search campaigns. We’ll apply timing and demographics using the data we uncovered in market research. Unlike traditional marketing, search engine marketing allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns in detail. Once the ads have amassed data, we’ll comb through it to determine the most valuable components and make applicable changes.

With all the tools at your disposal and Motto Marketing’s ongoing support, you’ll be in command of a highly efficient search engine marketing strategy that produces tangible results.

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The Motto Marketing Approach in Action Ridgecrest Products, Inc.


Ridgecrest Products, Inc. is an online retailer of first responder badges and accessories. The current owner purchased the business in 2017 and took control of all existing digital accounts and collateral. While the company had an existing Google Ads search marketing campaign which was driving traffic, the costs were far too high as a percentage of sales. Motto Marketing was hired to refine the search campaigns for maximum efficiency.



Motto Marketing met with the client to carefully review the existing campaign data and listen to the owner’s thoughts about what worked well and what needed to be improved. During this meeting, Motto Marketing took time to understand the business and the new owner’s goals, while making sure the owner was comfortable with the next steps.


The Ridgecrest Products, Inc. owner opted for a hands-on approach so that ongoing maintenance would be under her control. Motto Marketing set up a project management tool to maximize transparency, communication, and process review. Motto Marketing would coach the client through the process of updating campaigns and tracking their results.


Using data from the existing campaigns audit, Motto Marketing made immediate money-saving changes. Ridgecrest Products, Inc. learned how to refine keywords and bid strategies to increase conversions for less ad spend. Once the owner optimized the Google search campaigns with a smaller budget, she was able to direct the savings into other avenues of digital marketing. With Motto Marketing’s guidance, Ridgecrest Products, Inc. expanded their digital advertising to include a new email marketing campaign, Facebook advertising, and remarketing campaigns.


After one year of tracking the new search campaign strategy, with regularly applied adjustments, Ridgecrest Products, Inc. saw a conversion increase of 26% while reducing cost per click by 50%. Motto Marketing has continued as an adviser by monitoring the ad campaigns and market trends. In 2019, conversion rates increased again by 28% over 2018, and ad spend was reduced even further.

Our experience working with Motto Marketing is excellent. Adriana has helped us organize and improve our PPC ad campaign. We had a fairly successful campaign but Adriana was able to identify & remedy specific actionable areas for improvement. She organized our keywords so that we show the right landing pages for the right searches. She identified opportunities to target customers by demographic. Her improvements have resulted in more traffic and more conversions with a similar or lower ad spend.


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