We put our experience and training in search engine optimization to work for you. We know Google, and we will teach you how to use it to your advantage. Your existing digital footprint is full of data, which we will assess for consistency and searchability. We’ll develop a plan to expand or streamline your business listings, to update your website for the keywords that your potential customers are searching, and to develop content that supports your search goals. Motto Marketing will work with you to implement the plan on a timeline that doesn’t overwhelm your schedule. We’ll consider your capacity for the updates and offer additional resources as needed. We’ll analyze the results over a period of several months to track long term improvement and sustainability in the optimization, making adjustments as needed.

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The Motto Marketing Approach in Action Ground Luminosity Wellness Spa


Ground Luminosity Wellness Spa is an established business with plans for growth. The website was a few years old, and the client never felt that it supported the business. The client was using an SEO consulting company but had no confidence that the results were worth the monthly cost.



Motto Marketing performed a digital audit to review Ground Luminosity’s online presence. This extensive audit studied how the spa was showing up on social media, Google, organic page mentions, directory listings, website content, and search services. Motto Marketing made a detailed list of all mentions and reviewed them for consistency and searchability.


In addition to actionable tasks to improve adherence to search engine protocol, Motto Marketing and Ground Luminosity developed a new content strategy. The new strategy would include a road map for maintaining searchability as the company grows and adds services.


Motto Marketing encouraged Ground Luminosity to update their business listings across the web. This helped the owner fully grasp the scope of the company’s online presence and how that presence impacts their searchability. Using a checklist developed during the planning stage, Motto Marketing empowered Ground Luminosity to apply their new understanding of SEO and take ownership of their online reputation. The website was also updated to strategically incorporate keywords throughout the content to make connections between potential client searches and the spa’s offerings.


With consistent business listings and descriptions throughout the digital space, the search rankings improved quickly. Though there were immediate measurable results, search engine optimization is a long-term commitment. Motto Marketing and Ground Luminosity reviewed the data 3 months after the updates were complete. Google Analytics revealed an increase in traffic and qualified leads on par with the spa’s goals.

“As a solo-preneur who has been wearing the many different hats required to run a business, I know how difficult it can be to decide to hire someone to do a job that seems easy to do yourself. Within days of Adriana helping me redo my site, I had 3 or 4 perspective clients reach out to me. Adriana is easy to work with and is efficient with your time and $$. I would recommend her to anyone looking to grow their business! I’m so glad I did!” – Heather


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