Motto Marketing will help you develop the social media strategy that works for your business and your schedule. When we assess your current social presence, we’ll help you determine which platforms are the best for reaching your core audience. We’ll recommend which platforms you should drop and if there are any to add. Many businesses believe they need to have a presence on every platform, but that’s not always the case. We’ll map out your plan for engagement that identifies which platforms you’ll use and how you will engage on them. We’ll create a content schedule that simplifies your approach to each week or month. Motto Marketing will teach you to use the right scheduling tools or content calendars that allow you to implement your social strategy without frustration. Once we analyze the performance of your content, Motto Marketing will suggest tweaks based on best audience response. Using analytics, we will advise on how to develop paid advertising on the right platforms.

Are you frustrated by trying to be everywhere on social media, or so overwhelmed that you’re nowhere? Contact us to get started on a social media strategy that is simple to manage and gets results.


The Motto Marketing Approach In Action Play It Out


Play It Out is an escape room that opened in 2017. The company had profiles on most social media platforms but wasn’t posting regularly on all of them. Where the company was active, posts were mostly made in real time without a schedule or content plan. While the company received great reviews, and got some engagement on social media, the owner did not feel social media was driving sales or reaching new customers. Play It Out hired Motto Marketing to simplify the social media strategy and boost visibility.



Motto Marketing performed a digital audit to find out what Play It Out’s presence was like across the internet. During the audit, Motto Marketing identified which tactics were getting engagement on social media, took a look at what competitors were doing on their profiles, and checked for consistency in directory listings and online review sites. During this period, the owner shared her frustration about not knowing when or where to show up on social media. Motto Marketing made a comprehensive list of actions the business could take to improve their search engine optimization by making their listings more consistent and informative.


After determining where the business was most effective on social media and where the owner preferred to be active, Motto Marketing built a social media strategy that fit Play It Out’s goals. The owner was encouraged to deactivate accounts that had low activity and reach so she could focus on the platforms that worked. On the platforms that remained, the strategy would be organized and repeatable.


Motto Marketing introduced a content calendar where the owner could organize ideas and topics. Using best practice strategies, the owner was able to minimize her time spent posting to social media while actually maximizing presence. The owner began planning content using a set schedule and themed material.


Using social media analytics and Google Analytics, Motto Marketing and the business owner were able to see how well the posts were performing. The owner quickly noticed what types of content got the best engagement and made adjustments to the content calendar. Motto Marketing advised on the ad specs that would perform well considering the organic data so that the owner could further develop the social media strategy.

“I would highly recommend Adriana Motto and Motto Marketing to any small business owner who is confused and/or overwhelmed by the beast that is social media marketing. She is smart, thorough, and offers help and sensible advice tailored specifically to who you are and what you’re trying to achieve.” – Eils


“Motto Marketing knows how to help me refine and grow my brand in easy, measurable steps. The idea of marketing is so big! Adriana’s ability to focus on the big picture and all of the smaller details in between enables me to do what I do best – perform excellent skin care services. Adriana is an ideal social media adviser, what a weight off my shoulders!” -Asia


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