What is Repurposing Content in Marketing?

Whenever we marketing professionals speak as experts to a group of business owners, we offer helpful tips on how to make your own marketing efforts more efficient. One of the most common suggestions we make is to repurpose your content in order to get more mileage out of all the marketing you’ve already done.

Business owners have a limited amount of time and effort to put into marketing while they are busy running operations, so every element of marketing has to pull its own weight. Repurposing content is a great way to stretch every single blog, website page, podcast interview, press release, radio commercial, or event appearance to maximum effectiveness.

What are the Best Ways to Repurpose Content?

Repurposing content works by allowing you to post the same content in different places, break the content down into smaller pieces, or renew older content. The goal is to fill your social media calendar with great posts, but without creating every single one from scratch.

There are several ways to leverage your content, and you can use any or all of them based on your needs and social media schedule.

Post Blogs More than Once

Social media platforms are very busy, and so are their consumers. Just because you’ve already posted an invitation to read your blog post doesn’t mean your entire potential audience has seen it. Post your intro and blog link on all the platforms you use, and post it at least twice before your next blog is published. This will help get the highest number of eyes on your valuable blog post.

Use Points from Blog Posts or Web Pages as Social Media Posts

It’s hard to think of fresh ideas for every single social media post, but you already have tons of great information in your existing copy! Read your website and blogs to pull out key paragraphs that are valuable on their own, or just need a little extra explanation. Sometimes you’ll link to your original source material as well. This also applies to any great tidbits you shared during an interview or presentation. Repurposing like this helps you plan themes for your content so that writing posts to fit the current topic is easier.

Renew, Refresh, or Refer to Older Content

Sometimes using old content is as easy as writing an intro post and linking to the original. This works well with any kind of evergreen information or anything that happens at the same time every year. If an older blog post needs a refresh with new information, update it, add a revision date and paragraph, and repost it. When writing new posts, refer to previous posts wherever applicable, and include a link.

This practice is especially great for SEO because it tells Google that people are spending time reading quality information on your site.

Repurpose Content for a Cohesive Marketing Strategy

The best part of repurposing content is that it helps you establish your brand so that potential customers recognize you faster. When you are sending a similar message on a consistent basis, your brand will become more familiar to your followers, and you will be top of mind when they need to make a purchasing decision.

Start repurposing your content by simply reviewing what you already have. Hopefully, you already have an ideas folder for your social media planning where you can add snippets of content to repurpose. Better yet, contact Motto Marketing for an initial consultation. Our team can sift through your existing content and copy to develop an effective social media strategy that makes the most efficient use of repurposing.