Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, which can be both exciting and exhausting. It’s exciting for small business owners to have new, and often more customized, ways to connect with their ideal clients. But the constantly changing landscape and new learning curves can be exhausting for busy owners with so much on their plate.

There are some constants in digital marketing. A robust digital foundation – website, SEO, social media, and pay-per-click campaign – is always in style. What evolves are the technologies and tools that allow you to expand beyond that foundation for optimal reach and conversion. For 2023, the digital trends all run in the same direction: use technology to make a personal connection.

Improve Visibility and Customer Connection with Video Marketing

Video content has been around for quite a while, but it is developing into a serious tool for digital marketing. Video is popular with a huge variety of audiences, which means it’s worthwhile for businesses in just about every industry to add this medium to their marketing strategy.

Popular video formats include:

  • TikTok
  • Reels on Instagram and Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Right now, bite-sized videos that can be watched while scrolling social media rule the day. If you’re new to this marketing trend, get a sense of how it works by watching many videos. Ask your employees, friends, and networking contacts what video creators they follow to get a broad overview of how it works and what common themes seem most appealing.

Video marketing is closely related to influencer marketing as well. Influencers are beginning to opt for more exclusive relationships in order to be more authentic to their audiences, and video is a huge part of how they cultivate their following. Videos can be part of your internal strategy even if you are working with an influencer – just make sure all of the messaging is consistent.

LinkedIn Continues to Gain Value in B2B Marketing 

LinkedIn has always had a unique identity as a social media platform because of its professional basis. Over the past few years, LinkedIn has been coming into its own as a networking tool where people are actively looking to do business with one another. The overall vibe tends to be more positive and supportive than other social platforms, which makes it easier to start new connections and build relationships.

If you haven’t been on LinkedIn for a while, schedule some time to visit and explore the new tools available. This is a great place to create content – written and video – and generate quality interest in your company. Content on LinkedIn is often very interactive, so build your strategy around provoking thought, asking questions, or offering something of value.

Decentralization and Privatization of Data Give Consumers More Control

Digital tools make zeroing in on your target market a more streamlined process than was possible before the internet. But consumers are becoming increasingly aware that their data is being collected on a massive scale, and they don’t always appreciate it.

New platforms and social media spaces are cropping up that put data control back in the hands of users. While this may turn lead capture into a longer process, it offers an opportunity for brands to really cultivate their messaging for attractive appeal. Businesses can expect a longer sales cycle, resulting in a high-quality sales relationship.

With this trend, think about how you can create value for the people who are already on your email list and following you on social platforms. What can you do to keep their attention, and what can you do to grow your following as you branch out into more user-controlled communication channels?

Updated Tracking Tools Recognize New Marketing Tools

Evolving digital trends require evolving analytics, and Google is keeping up. Google Analytics 4 offers more reports to track performance in more places and on more tools. Keep an eye on our blog for more in-depth explanations of the Google Analytics 4 rollout in the coming months.

Hopefully, the idea of connecting with your audience in new and more authentic ways is exciting. At the same time, learning new digital marketing skills and techniques while running your business can be understandably exhausting. If you’re ready to focus more on the strategy and less on the implementation of harnessing these new digital trends, contact Motto Marketing for an initial consultation. We help small business owners define their target audience, meet them wherever they are online, and deploy a digital marketing strategy for effective business growth.